RESET - A 30 Day Meatless Meal Planning Guide - (PAPERBACK)

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RESET A 30 Day Meal Planning Guide is designed to give our bodies a break from processed meat by replacing it with more grains, vegetables, and fruit which provides a better opportunity to remove waste and toxins.


The plan includes a recipe outline and a plan to prepare enough meals for at least 6 days, leaving one day open for dining out, if you choose to do so. Simple math is 3 meals, that yield 2 servings per person and cook 1 time per week. This includes breakfast, lunch, dinner, and snacks.


RESET A 30 Day Meal Planning Guide provides the reader with a tested and proven insight on resetting their minds and learning how healthy, yet tasty alternatives, can contribute to their lifelong health goals.


LaTrice S. Grier is the host of the MakeSomeThyme podcast. A current Florida resident but a forever Jersey girl. MakeSomeThyme catalogs her journey to healthy living by focusing on Time, Health, Yourself, Meals, and Encourage.